Here’s an intelligent post at Democratic Underground: For an interesting adventure scroll down their site and read some of the replies.

What the fuck america? what the fuck?

what’s keeping it from utterly collapsing? you can only put duct tape and lipstick on it for so long before it sinks asunder. how can it continue as if nothing were wrong? why aren’t people rioting yet? why do so many STILL support the ape? where are the fucking democrats? how is it all propped up and held together? what fog is blinding so many millions to the actual state of the union? what mind trick? what curse?how long can it stand before it finally implodes like the twin towers? not much longer i’m afraid. how long before the distracted masses have that ‘what the fuck’? moment? what invisible string binds it all together still? what hypnotic trance are we in that prevents us from surrounding the white house and ridding it of the cockroaches?dead people are floating down the streets of america, and we all go to church on sunday like robots. what the fuck america? what the fuck?


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