Well folks, it had to happen, Storm-relief money spent at strip clubs, Police in Houston find misuse of FEMA’s $2,000 debit cards. Just imagine what will happen to the billions of dollars the government has allocated for the cleanup and rebuilding. I heard someone on the radio suggest that when all is said and done, the corruption that comes out of this will dwarf the Oil for Food Scandal. Perhaps an exaggeration, but, I think the corruption will be significant. Now, I thought Mother Sheehan was gone, but she’s baaaack, Sheehan: Get troops out of ‘occupied New Orleans’. Good Grief. Is grief Good? I’m still waiting for an answer. The woman is a flaming Moonbat. Later Malcogs.


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  1. what may I ask is so new about misuse of funds? this kind of corruption runs rampant every time a clamity occurs. people all across the country opened their hearts and homes to thousands of victims.. why should we let a few who abused the funds from FEMA get any attention for their actions.. Sheehan is another story.. the nation is obsessed with someone who is grief stricken to the point of insanity!

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