Caroline Glick’s column is right on point with something I’ve been saying for a long time:
The Bush administration is constantly declaring its revolutionary strategy of transforming the Arab world through democracy. But how can anyone take it seriously when it repeatedly humiliates the only democracy in the Middle East as it courts favor with anti-democratic, terror-supporting Arab autocracies.” Ah yes, if you read the column you will see the name, James Baker, come up. I have been saying that the current administration policy has the hint of the Bush 1 and James Baker era. Diana West follows up with, What have we paid for with ‘Palestinian’ handouts? They say you get what you pay for. But what exactly have we paid for? As recently as Sept. 2, according to Palestinian Media Watch, the PA’s “Voice of Palestine” was sermonizing against “heretical” America, exhorting the Muslim faithful to attack Americans in Iraq — just the latest instance of anti-U.S. propaganda carried on PA-run radio. A few weeks ago, the PA’s so-called Ministry of Culture released its “Book of the Month,” a collection of poetry honoring murder-bomber Hanadi Jaradat. This “Rose of Palestine” killed 29 Israeli Jews and Arabs at a crowded Haifa eatery in October 2003, back when such carnage was still shocking. Palestinian Media Watch also noted a PA government newspaper report about female Hamas terrorists — photographed holding American-made automatic rifles.
All of which should make us wonder: Have we paid for a “peace process,” or have we financed holy war (jihad)? Have we supported a “peace partner”? Or have we just helped create a terrorist state?
Time, maybe a very short time, will tell what already seems clear — except to our secretary of state. Or so I wish. That is, I wish it were myopia alone that had brought us to this not-so-pretty pass. It could be, however, that with the rise of Condoleezza Rice, the current Bush administration now reflects the re-ascendance of the old Bush-Baker-Scowcroft school of foreign policy Arabism.”

Then there is this piece via Jihad Watch, (hat tip Israpundit) You can read about Able Danger. To me, the political dogma and politically correct dogma, in Washington, no matter which side of the isle, prevents them from being proactive about anything. Not only is it that they cannot see what is outside their box of thinking, but, their policies prevent them from even trying to consider anything outside their box of thinking. What did the Bush-Baker-Scocroft school of “Arabism” get us? Well, look at who we are fighting in the Middle East. It was a policy of appeasement and in many respects continues to be. So if Al Queda moves operations into Gaza, are we going to do anything about it? Probably not. We have to continue to appease the PLO Arabs.


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