Like this is ever going to happen, Hold Palestinians accountable. TheIsraelis can do a Deal Preserves Greenhouses in Gaza Pullout, so the PLO Arabs could develop an economy. Btw, Mr. Wohlfensen is Jewish. Then PLO Arabs start to destroy them, Police Try to Impose Order in Gaza Strip. I guess we’ll have to see what happens. Gateway Pundit presents Gaza a GA-GA. Oh, it was the occupation! Wasn’t it? But, we know the end of “occupation” means this: A relative of another Hamas leader, Ismail Haniyeh, who gave her name only as Um Mohammed, 42, said Hamas attacks drove Israel out. “It’s the blood of the martyrs that liberated the land,” she told The Associated Press. “Their blood … purified the land.” She added that Hamas would not lay down its arms “as long as there are Jews in Palestine.” emphasis added. Hamas holds largest-ever Gaza rally. Make no mistake, “Palestine” means no Jews anywhere! Does it not bother you that the only way to satisfy these people was to make Gaza Judenrien as was the case in the rest of the arab countries in the middle east? And why do you think the Israelis had to dig up graves in Gaza and move the bodies?


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