I recommend reading Best Of The Web daily. In my humble opinion it really is a must read. Now I have yet to read the full transcript of today’s beginning of the John Roberts hearings for his appointment to the Supreme Court. The Washington Times offers some interesting quotes:
In their opening remarks, the two top Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee invoked the tragedy as a reminder of the gap between rich and poor and the need for a Supreme Court that wants to close that gap. “Today, the devastation, despair facing millions of our fellow Americans in the Gulf region is a tragic reminder of why we have a federal government, why it’s critical that our government be responsive,” said Sen. Patrick J. Leahy, Vermont Democrat and ranking minority member of the panel. “We need the federal government for our protection and security, to cast a lifeline to those in distress, to mobilize better resources beyond the ability of any state and local government — all of this for the common good.” Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, the Massachusetts Democrat, said lessons should be learned from the hurricane. “The powerful winds and flood waters of Katrina tore away the mask that has hidden from public view the many Americans who are left out and left behind,” he said. “As one nation under God, we cannot continue to ignore the injustice, the inequality and the gross disparities that exist in our society.”
So what exactly does the Supreme Court have to do with any of this? Unless, of course, we want judges to enact legislation and to usurp the role of legislative bodies. That seems to be the hope of the Democrats. Is the Supreme Court going to take over handling FEMA? Perhaps under their control FEMA would have responded faster. Perhaps the Supreme Court could have prevented this “Katrina: Incompetence Distilled“. Did you see the buses? Yes, that is why there is a Supreme Court and the nominaton of John Roberts, or the rejection, is important. Good Grief. Is grief good?


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