Via LGF we have this fine story “Jews and Freemasons controlled war on Iraq, says No 10 adviser“. I feel lucky to be associated with the Freemasons. Yes, we control the world. Be afraid, very afraid. Of course you wouldn’t want to be afraid of this, “Tape Released: American al Qaeda Member Warns of Attacks. Because these wonderful people propose something like this. “Ditch Holocaust day, advisers urge Blair“. Although we all remember this, “Families remember Sept. 11 attacks at memorial“. Now I could go on with all of this, but, I think you get the picture. I will even go further in the arena of political incorrectness. We are at war with Islam. To borrow a phrase from Forrest Gump and insert some words, Islam is as Islam does. Now you may say the vast majority of Muslims don’t support Al Qaeda and are not terrorists. Fair enough. But, if you cannot police your own, condemn your own, fight your own, then what are you?


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