For those of you who continue to want to blam BUSH for the New Orleans Mess, the Washington Times provides a little more information about the locals:
The city of New Orleans followed virtually no aspect of its own emergency management plan in the disaster caused by Hurricane Katrina. New Orleans officials also failed to implement most federal guidelines, which stated that the Superdome was not a safe shelter for thousands of residents. The official “City of New Orleans Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan” states that the mayor can call for a mandatory citywide evacuation, but the Louisiana governor alone is given the power to carry out the evacuation, which Gov. Kathleen Babineaux Blanco has yet to do. She “begged” people to leave before the storm and is still asking the few thousand holdouts to evacuate the flooded city……………….Neither New Orleans Mayor C. Ray Nagin nor Mrs. Blanco ordered buses to take people out of the city before the storm. Two days after the storm hit, the governor issued an order for buses to roll, but by then hundreds of buses in New Orleans were underwater and useless. Both the mayor and the governor asked residents who couldn’t evacuate themselves to go to the Superdome, which in the days after the storm was a scene of chaos and violence as it became an island in a submerged city…………. Confusion reigned in Katrina’s aftermath. A state-of-the-art mobile hospital developed with Homeland Security grants to respond to disasters and staffed by 100 doctors and paramedics was left stranded in Mississippi because Louisiana officials would not let it deploy to New Orleans. Red Cross officials say the organization was well positioned to provide food, water and hygiene products to the thousands stranded in New Orleans. But the state refused to let them deliver the aid.”

But it was BUSH’S fault, right. Then via Powerline:

Glenn Reynolds makes a great point this morning. I can’t improve on it, so I’ll just quote it:
WANTS TO SHOW BODIES from Katrina. It didn’t want to show bodies, or jumpers, on 9/11, for fear that doing so would inflame the public.
I can only conclude that this time around, the press thinks it’s a good thing to inflame the public. What could the difference be?
The link is to a CNN story about how the network has gone to court to get an order requiring the U.S. military to give it access to dead bodies so it can film them. Quite a different attitude, wouldn’t you say, from the press’s reluctance to show us the full horror of the September 11 attacks? Remember, too, the press’ outrage when it wasn’t able to shoot footage of caskets of soldiers that were flown back from Iraq. Somehow a different standard applied there, also.”

You don’t think the press is playing in the blame BUSH fever swamp do you? In fact, who has fueled the fire? Good grief. All of this is pretty disgusting. Then again we know BUSH doesn’t care about blacks, but midgets too? Oh my!!


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  1. No, no, we mustn’t hold a Republican responsible for appointing incompetent, unqualified people to positions of importance; we mustn’t keep a President accountable for spending $29 billion a year for an Emergency Response agency that doesn’t get the job done; we mustn’t insist that our government spend our money wisely; we mustn’t demand that the Justice Department prosecute the Gretna Police for shooting at black New Orleans residents who were trying to walk out of New Orleans; because to do these things would be Blaming the Blameless Bush, whom it is unpatriotic to Blame.

  2. And hateful too — only someone who Hates Bush would insist that he do his job, apparently because people who Love him know that he’s incapable of it and he must be coddled.

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