The Extermination of Israel by Irwin Graulich:

This may sound prophetic, but it is purely common sense. Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, the Israeli terminator, has already announced in his inimitable manner, “I’ll be back!”While Palestinian leaders and religious figures continue to spin victory from utter defeat and failure, Israel has divorced itself from a shotgun marriage to Gaza. The Jewish nation was forced to intermarry (sic) with this ugly bride, who continually sent out her venomous children to murder innocent Jews.This so-called Palestinian Arab bride contains a death-loving, death-worshipping, anti-Semitic culture that produces children who wear the latest hi-tech fashions into crowded Israeli shopping centers; specially equipped vests filled with dynamite and rat-poison-laced nails.Those are the values produced by the Arab Palestinian society. In contrast, the Jewish Palestinian society sent 8,000 emissaries to prove to their Arab brethren that it is indeed possible to settle the land of Gaza in peace, grow fruits, vegetables and build beautiful cities instead of diseased refugee camps. Continue Reading The Extermination of Israel..


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  2. incredibly important article to read.. if you are interested at all in knowing the “cure” for this “peaceful” slaughtering of Jews

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