Here is a recent editorial from the Washington Times. It seems the Senate will hold hearings next month on the high cost of gasoline. The Senate held hearings in June 2000. Why Do Gas Prices Jump So High? from 2000. From 2004 WHY ARE GAS PRICES HIGH AND RISING? Then there not enough refineries and it does not appear many new ones will be on the horizon. Here are ten reasons why gasoline prices are high and will remain that way. You could read all of these. Does it seem to you as it does to me, a saying that has attributed to Yogi Berra, “Deja Vous all over again”? Nothing changes. We get the government and it’s policies that we deserve. We won’t drill in our own neck of the woods, eg. ANWR, we won’t allow refining capacity to increase, we let the government tax us to death, we all want pristine skys, I like my SUV, I really do………..and so it goes, and goes, and goes………. news flash 2010, Senate to hold hearings on the high price of gas. I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore. Wait, maybe I should be mad at myself.


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