This piece in the Weekly Standard titled The Peculiar Alliance, describes the alliance between Islamofascists and Neo-Nazis. In a previous post I noted that white supremacists had hopped aboard the support Cindy Sheehan bandwagon. The left has also formed an alliance with the Islamofascists. What an interesting alliance. So what should we call this axis? Two of the three hate America, with the third hating everyone in America that is not white and Christian. Well, let’s face it, they hate America. All three hate Israel. Axis of ? Hmmmmmmm any suggestions?
David Horowitz, who recently published Unholy Alliance, asks this question: What is it about the left that causes it to hate America and Israel, two multi-ethnic democracies which in the practical environment of international politics are arguably the most decent societies on the face of the earth? If you want to know his answer read Why the Left (and Timothy Burke) Can’t Handle the Truth.


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