The typical liberal reaction to hurricane Katrina is now going full bore. You can read the International Herald Tribune. It’s Global Warming stupid. And nostalgia for what might have been. Well, I’m old enough to remember when Jimmy Carter was president and I don’t recall a whole lot of talk about global warming. Maybe I was somewhere else and forgot about it. I seem to remember the malaise and all that. I’m not going there. You can, if you so desire, but really, I am just tired of the woulda coulda shoulda crap. I wonder if Mr. Shaw really thought about all of this back then. Hmmmmmmm……. Then you have this thoughtful blogger. But, you can read this interesting item from the National Hurricane Center. Unless I am reading it wrong, hurricanes have actually declined in recent years. Maybe Global Cooling is occurring. An Ice Age is on the way. I was going to rant about some of this, but, David Frum saved me a lot to time and says it much better. That’s why I am some stupid anonymous blogger and he gets paid the big bucks. Signing Kyoto would have made not one damn bit of difference about any of this. Yet, our liberal brethern want us to believe otherwise. This is the post modern liberal mantra. “If you say it, it is true. Sure, click the ruby slippers and go back wherever you want. Facts are of no importance. The vindication of Goebbels continues.


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