Peggy Noonan has a great piece in today’s Wall Street Journal. I am trying to formulate something coherent to say about the aftermath of Katrina. I was trying to think of a movie that could represent what is going on in New Orleans. Can’t think of one. Here are some before and after satellite photos of New Orleans. Reminds me of satellite photos I viewed after the Tsunami. On a different topic, with regard to Islam and the Middle East, I always tell people that you really need to read the Arab press to fully understand who these people are and what we are dealing with. This is the value of sites like Palestine Media Watch and Memri. Jihad Watch is also valuable. I liked this column by Julia Gorin in WJR. I particularly liked this line, “Indeed, a Muslim terrorist list would read like a Jewish Nobel laureate list, whereas the Jewish terrorist list reads like the Muslim Nobel laureate list.” Need I say more? Later Malcogs.


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