Just to get you thinking, here is a list of products made from petroleum. As the cost of oil rises we may begin to see the costs of petroleum based products rise also.
“Ink, Dishwashing liquids, Paint brushes, Telephones, Toys, Unbreakable dishes, Insecticides,
Antiseptics, Dolls, Car sound insulation, Fishing lures, Deodorant, Tires Motorcycle, helmets,
Linoleum, Sweaters,Tents,Refrigerator linings, Paint rollers, Floor wax, Shoes, Electrician’s tape, Plastic wood, Model cars, Glue, Roller-skate wheels, Trash bags, Soap dishes,Skis, Permanent, press clothes, Hand lotion, Clotheslines, Dyes, Soft contact lenses, Shampoo, Panty hose, Cameras Food preservatives Fishing rods Oil filters Combs Transparent tape Anesthetics Upholstery Dice Disposable diapers TV cabinets Cassettes Mops Sports car bodies Salad bowls House paint Purses Electric blankets Awnings Ammonia Dresses Car battery cases Safety glass Hair curlers Pajamas Synthetic rubber VCR tapes Eyeglasses Pillows Vitamin capsules Movie film Ice chests Candles Rubbing alcohol Loudspeakers Ice buckets Boats Ice cube trays Credit cards Fertilizers Crayons Insect repellent Water pipes Toilet seats Caulking Roofing shingles Fishing boots Life jackets Balloons Shower curtains Garden hose Golf balls Curtains Plywood adhesive Umbrellas Detergents Milk jugs Beach umbrellas Rubber cement Sun glasses Putty Faucet washers Cold cream Bandages Tool racks Antihistamines Hair coloring Nail polish Slacks Drinking cups Guitar strings False teeth Yarn Petroleum jelly Toothpaste Golf bags Roofing Tennis rackets Toothbrushes Perfume Luggage Wire insulation Folding doors Shoe polish Fan belts Ballpoint pens Shower doors Cortisone Carpeting Artificial turf Heart valves LP records Lipstick, Artificial limbs Hearing aids Vaporizers Aspirin Shaving cream Wading pools Parachutes” I gave up putting in the commas. Here is a piece from the website of the American Chemical Society. I think it’s safe to assume that the rising cost of oil will have a ripple effect across the economy. The question will become how long manufacturers will absorb the increased costs, when they will pass them on, and how much will they pass on. Here’s a 2004 piece from the Detroit News. What is apparent is that regardless of how much we attempt to reduce the use of fossil fuels, we will always depend very much on them. You should be asking yourself why we don’t drill in ANWR and why we don’t increase refining capacity. Well, because the environmental wackos have basically taken over the energy policy of this country. The government has not had a coherent energy policy since I don’t know when. You can search the web and find articles like this. I’m still looking for something more succinct. I’m in the research process and any links, research etc. are more than welcome. Blogging in process, you might say. I haven’t seen many blogs dealing with this, but, I’m too damn busy to read all the blogs.


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