In a previous post I discussed legitimate criticism of Israel. Ok, here is the test as suggested by Natan Shransky: “the application of double standards to Israel, the demonization of Israel and the delegitimization of Israel.” I suggest you read this. Now I am open for discussion if what you have to say does not meet any of these criteria. Otherwise, don’t bother. Most everything I see falls within Shransky’s parameters. If you have a criticism that does not meet the criteria, then go for it. Most of what I see is the absolute hatred of Israel, and by the way, Jews. Now, as a Jew I say, go f*** off. Deep six yourself. I love both the US and Israel. I don’t see it as mutually exclusive. If you do, then you are the problem. I certainly criticize my government here. Immigration, no energy policy, judges making law, etc……. Oh, but, Israel is an apartheid state, Zionism = Nazism, Israel is committing genocide……. Bullshit!!!!! If you believe this, you are a racist and an anti-semite. Now defend yourself. by the way, recite to me the factual history on which you base your argument. Then again, you are probably a post-modern thinker and whatever you say is the truth. In that case consult Joseph Goebbels, your mentor. Although he is dead you can probably channel him.


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