A friend gave me a book for my birthday entitled “Israel in the World”. Did you know that Microsoft’s R & D facility in Israel was the first to be established by the company outside the United States, or the Cisco’s Israeli facility is their only R & D center outside the the US, or that Motorola’s R & D facility in Israel is the largest in the world? An amazing book. Buy it. I am still comtemplating the disengagement from Gaza. Anyone who thinks that the PLO Arabs have any intention of a peaceful coexistence with are Israel are delusional. This is who these people are: this, this, this , and this. Sick. They have given us suicide bombing and virtually nothing else. As Charles Johnson likes to say, “by all means let’s give these people their own state”. It’s not the occupation as they and their leftist anti-semitic supporters claim. The PLO was formed in 1964 with it’s goal to destroy Israel. Israel did not come into possession of of the West Bank and Gaza until 1967. The West Bank was controlled by Jordan, Gaza by Egypt. Did the PLO want to establish a “Palestinian” state then? No!!. And, please tell me when another country has given up land, captured as a result of a defensive war, to an enemy sworn to it’s destruction?


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