Ok, one more thing. So you may be thinking there are Syrians, there are Lebanese, there are Iraqis. Are they not distinct people? Well, no, they are Arabs. They identify as such, although there are Lebanese Christians, Druze, Iraqi Kurds etc., which is another discussion. Courtesy of the British in the early 20th century the Arabs were given distinct geographical areas in which they inhabit. Hence, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, etc. So you could try to argue that Lebanese Arabs are a distinct people. In Iraq you could try to argue that the Arabs are distinct. Are they? You could do away with the geographical boundaries and all would be no different. They are of Arabic culture, they speak Arabic, their religion is Islam… There is really no distinct Syrian culture, versus Iraqi, versus Lebanese. But, for the sake of argument, let us say that because of geographical boundaries there is a difference because of autonomous governments and the establishment of a distinct state. Since there was never a Palestinan govt., nor state, what makes a “Palestinian” people? What cultural distinctions from other arabs do they possess? Except for giving us suicide bombers, which came well after 1967 when the territories came under Israeli control due to a defensive war, I cannot think of any. Can you?


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