I begin with some poems by the Malcog, ok limericks:

A headhunter with elegant taste,
savored his food and ate not in haste.
When it came to the brain,
he left none to remain,
because a mind is a terrible thing to waste

The horse owned by old farmer Bart,
was old and could no longer pull his cart.
He gave his his horse to consume,
a bag of legume,
and now Bart’s cart is pulled by horse fart.

This blog will be both funny and serious. Now for the serious. Because I am Jewish, people think I have some deep perspective about the Israeli disengagement, withdrawl, or whatever you want to call it, from Gaza. Let me first state, there is no such people as “Palestinians”. They are the myth of the last and this century. More on that later. Anyway, there are several ways to view the Israeli actions. First, it is true that a small group of Jews, not “settlers” as the media calls them, live among a large group of PLO arabs (I have adopted the Israelly-Cool terminology) and it presents a problem defending them. So, as the government of Israel has indicated, it is an untenable situation. It taxes their military to constantly be moving in and out of Gaza. Fine. Withdraw on the merits of that argument. Sad, but, perhaps necessary. Second, Israel is withdrawing due to pressure from the President in order implement the “Road Map”. It is an act of good faith and a necessary act in order to bring peace. The only problem with that is the PLO Arabs have never acted in good faith. I offer a quote from Steven Stalinski in a 8/19/05 column from frontpagemagazine.com, “The armed wing of the Fatah movement, which is a part of the PLO, issued a statement on August 15 that sums up the problems ahead: “We support our brothers in Hamas and affirm that no Palestinian armed wing will be dissolved because Palestine is not Gaza only, but rather, Palestine is Palestine from the River (Jordan River) to the Sea (Mediterranean Sea) and it is our land and we have the right to defend it.” Someone please show me where the PLO Arabs have ever said anything otherwise! As we go along I will offer more. Third, Israel is withdrawing in order to show the world that the PLO is not capable of establishing a viable peaceful state and will only establish a “Hamasistan” that will be a magnet for terrorism. A painful step to demonstrate to the world to realize what it seems blind to see, and perhaps leave the Israelis alone. Insanity has been defined as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. That the world has given the PLO Arabs so much deference and money, and never, never seen anything positive come out of it, unless you think the contined hope for the destruction of Israel is positive, is insanity. So you have to ask yourself why the world continues with this illusion. I read in the Jerusalem post on 8/18/05 the Secretary of State Rice (I call her the parrot) said that Israel will be expected to make more concessions. Someone explain to me why? Wouldn’t it seem prudent to first wait and see what happens in Gaza before such a pronouncement? Obviously, the Bush administration has sold out to Foggy Bottom and whoever influences them. Now there are more scenarios, many more. I only present the most obvious. So anyway, what do I think of Gaza? It will change nothing. There will be no peace, the PLO will continue terrorism with the ultimate goal of the destruction of Israel. Judenrein Gaza with the goal of Judenrein everywhere. So why is that not racist? Oh, because it’s Jews. That makes it acceptable. Where are the leftist protesters objecting to this? Oh my!! All it really means is that a lot of industrious religious Jews who love their country, got their asses kicked for no reason. Well maybe a bad reason. later.


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  1. “brilliant”! after reading scores of articles on this issue, finally someone comes along and “tells it like it is”… obviously no one has been eating your brain except maybe when you were writing “Barts cart” where “No tailing” takes on a whole new meaning.

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